We are a design studio specializing in creative direction and cross-medium design. At Viq Design, our passion lies in visual storytelling through various mediums including film, architectural design, graphic design, merchandising, residential design, and public art. Our focus is on experience-based design, ensuring that every project we undertake delivers a compelling and immersive experience.
Our studio operates from a unique dual perspective, combining conceptual innovation with logistical execution. We excel in translating visionary ideas into tangible realities across projects of diverse scales. 

Vikram Johal has a diverse background in creating through different mediums including architecture, video production, sound engineering, fashion, and graphic design. His focus is predominantly on experiential design using a combination of these mediums. Vikram holds a Masters in architecture from the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape and an undergraduate degree in biomechanics from the University of Calgary. Vikram is also the founder of the largest design focused media outlet in Calgary, Design Calgary
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